Security Comes First

Today is the first day of my portfolio website being established, there are many functionalities not completed, but I decide to post this blog first.

For years, I have realized even though I learn many things relatively fast, but I eventually lost them after a period of time, this is not only due to lack of practice, but also I really have a poor summary of knowledge, well I would like to say that this era has information explosion anywhere, I have to go through mountains of information no matter the subject and I believe most of us do, but it’s still my problem, why someone else could keep accumulating their knowledges. Not until one and half years ago I just started my life of coding, into which I will dedicate rest of my life. And after one year of study in school again, today I setup my own portfolio and blog site, I will continually post my summaries online in this little home instead of paper work which I still not master after 28 years, and this one hopefully will never disappear, I will do snapshot of data to AWS S3 glacier a period of time.

Come back to the theme, even though this is a small site, I would like to make it formal a little bit 🙂 so I decide to enable https, I am not good at network or server configuration now, indeed I will do those in close future. Then how did I finish the job? Well, this site actually using an on tap AWS EC2 AMI in the market, which integrate WordPress in side the server, which means of course it has a LAMP environment. It turns out, the SSL configuration is already instructed in the AMI provider’s document, this is the final url:

There are actually two way to get SSL certificate from that instruction, one is using openssl to get certification, but it seems need some time. The second way, it provide us a software to generate a ssl certification, even though it might not as formal as openssl, but I trust it, I will go back to this blog one day after I figure out the logic behind https.

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