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When I first came across this term combined with a language, I of course thought about ice cream. Then I thought it could be a framework. But It means the original language with no framework, derives from some PC game concepts.

How to bind your “” with your own domain?

Step 1: Register a domain, you can choose whichever the service provider you like, I did it on AWS Route53 Step 2: In your “” repo, create a “CNAME” in the repo root directory with all in capital letters and without any extensions, open “CNAME”, type in your domain name like “”, save the change, …

Sync repos in “Fork workflow”

Step 1: Check current remote repos, typically you now only have your origin repo: Step 2: Add upstream repo to track, the repo from which you fork: Step 3: check again your remote repos: In case the beginner confused, the “origin” repo is actually the copy version, the “upstream” repo is the true original repo. …

Nginx Installation

Building and installing Nginx via source code instead of package manager enables you to customize your installation and add extra modules to your server (e.g. libssl): For the source code: Via cli to directly download source code in Ubuntu: